CE-Ageing Platform

The Central European (CE) Knowledge Platform for an Ageing Society, in short “CE-Ageing Platform”, aims to minimise negative effects and impacts of demographic change in CE. The project idea derived from a cooperation between various partners and their desire to jointly contribute to improved framework conditions in their regions in order to foster economic growth, regional development and social cohesion. It is built on the belief that challenges faced in the cross-cutting issue “ageing” can only be solved in working together.

The CE-Ageing Platform aims to jointly develop a CE-Ageing Strategy enabling partners to adapt to demographic change, thereby integrating lessons learnt from previous activities on the one hand and results and lessons learnt from innovative actions implemented by the CE-Ageing platform on the other.

The innovative actions implemented at the regional levels include the development of four Regional Age Platforms with which two Regional Ageing Strategies as well as two Regional Training Concepts are set up (“Age-Partnership Actions”). In other CE-regions 5 additional pilots, the “Age-SME Interventions”, are implemented in cooperation with SME’s.