Esports Betting – Overview Of The Esports Gambling Vertical

Why Esports betting is popular?

Electronic sports or better known as Esports happens to be a form of competitive video gaming. This genre of game playing id currently attracting around 5,000,000 online audiences, and the grand prize of a major event can be more than $20,000,000. And so, for the last couple of years the trend of Esports, especially Esports betting has reached a whole new level of popularity.

Does choosing the game play an important part?

What most people fail to grasp that the very first step of this this kind of betting is deciding which games or game you should bet on. For someone who is a fan of MOBA, then they should choose to bet on games like LoL or Dota 2. Whereas, fans of FPS games should go with Overwatch or CS:GO. The reason why everyone should only choose games that they like as in order to bet correctly one needs to watch the games they will be betting on a lot, and at the same time you need to understand or predict the gameplay as well.

What are the different types of markets?

Next the different types of Esports betting will be discussed in brief to provide an idea on how to bet on Esports:

  • Outright Esports betting

Here the person will be betting on the overall result or outcome of a specific event. Generally, more value is offered as the team that you will be betting on over a longer period of time needs to win multiple games. This is also a bit safer than other types as here even after making a mistake or losing a round, the team can still win the whole competition.

  • Money Line

This is considered as one of the easiest types of sport betting. Here all one has to do is bet on a side that you think will win the game.

  • Totals

This type of betting is a bit different and also a bit complicated for the newcomers. Here the bet will be placed on the number of definite events of a game being under or over a figure which is set by a bookmaker.

  • Handicap

Handicap type of betting in Esports is very much same as the traditional sport betting that is practiced. So, here the job of the bookmaker is trying to balance the chances of each side by providing the side that has lower rank an advantage or positive handicap; and providing a disadvantage to higher rank side or negative handicap. So because of this, the bet on the team that has the positive handicap can be considered as a win only if they win the game, draw or lose by less than what the handicap figure is. On the other hand, the bet that has been placed in the team with the negative handicap will be considered as a win if that particular team wins by more than what the set handicap figure.

Choosing the right sportsbook

In Esports betting choosing the right sportsbook also plays an important role as well. There are many helpful online sportsbook websites out there, and finding out one that suits you will not be a problem. Besides making sure that they have a license, you also need to make sure that the sportsbook of your choice offers the benefit of betting on the Esports of your liking. You also need to make sure that they offer different payment methods, has a dedicated customer help/support/service, and also they offer good bonuses in their user-friendly website as well.